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High effort for manual publishing of apps

Many companies have their own corporate apps, which they make available to employees, customers, or partners. These may be used to share important information or to carry out standard business processes. However, the more apps a company has, the more effort is required to manage the workload behind the scenes. Not only do these apps need to be optimized and constantly updated for all devices and operating systems, there will also be new functions to offer, new types of hardware to support, or errors to rectify. For example, IT departments will need to prepare new screenshots and binary files, plus maintain and, if necessary, correct metadata. Then again, they need to go through a long-winded signing process, keeping technical departments and external suppliers in the loop the whole time.

If this process is performed manually, it ties up a lot of resources and is hugely time-consuming, which means that getting apps from the development phase right through to the app store is no mean feat. There is also considerable potential for errors as a result of all the manual stages and copy & paste processes, and it’s also hard to guarantee compliance with security guidelines. Nor is there any way of providing an overview of all apps and their respective status.

EBF is an experienced incapptic Connect partner

We can help you install incapptic Connect in your systems and will be happy to advise you and your IT team at any point along the process. We have been involved with incapptic Connect since it first came on the market. This means we know the product inside out and have many successful joint projects to show for it. Why not make use of our expertise and our excellent partner relationships in this field? Our close links with the producer enable us to work closely with them to develop new solutions for new function requests.

All of which leaves your IT department free to concentrate on your core business areas, in the knowledge that your apps are being efficiently managed in the background.

Doing this manually takes up a lot of resources and takes a long time, so the road from development to availability in the App Store is a long one. The manual steps and copy-and-paste operations also increase the risk of errors and can not ensure compliance with security policies. Also missing is an overview of all apps and their status.

Automated app publication and updating

incapptic Connect can help your company with the app management process, providing an automated procedure for publishing and updating mobile apps – both in enterprise app stores and in public app stores. This automated process is reliable and guaranteed to be error-free. The whole process takes just a few minutes, with minimal effort for your IT team and an outstanding user experience. You will be able to maintain an overview of all your apps over their entire lifecycle and reduce manual steps to a minimum. incapptic Connect is particularly useful when working with external developers.

incapptic Connect is a solution from MobileIron and interacts perfectly with the platform. Applications can be developed, distributed and secured much faster.

incapptic Connect functions

App overview in the app directory

  • Overview and monitoring of all apps, incl. indication of the app expiration dates
  • Administration, quality assurance and updates for existing apps

Automated app submission

  • Ability to upload metadata, provide direct feedback on submitted data, and correct data immediately if required
  • Checks on technical specifications
  • Automatic app signing using the latest provisioning profile

Optimized release process

  • Ability to define roles with different rights
  • Automated release process
  • Guaranteed compliance conformity

Compatible with all commonly available app stores

Knowledge transfer via coding guidelines for developers

Incapptic Connect solution

Incapptic benefits

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