A suitable container solution to protect company data on mobile devices

Employees use smartphones and tablets on a regular basis in their daily work routines and access sensitive data. This data needs to be protected: otherwise, there is a risk that it will be unintentionally shared or targeted in an attack. We also need to remain compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, which introduced stringent requirements for processing personal data. This situation is particularly complicated because devices are often used for both private and professional purposes. In this case it must also be ensured that company data is protected – without making too much work for your IT team and without affecting your employees’ user experience.

A secure container app for all company data

SecurePIM can be used to separate professional and private data and apps by using a container. The container app holds all professional content, is managed entirely by the IT team, and protected by stringent security standards – without affecting the privacy of any other private data on the device in any way. Professional data is transferred and stored as encrypted data via the SecurePIM Gateway. Access to company data such as e-mails, calendar entries, jobs, documents, and contact information can be secured, along with access to the company’s own intranet. As a result, company devices can be used for private purposes and private devices can be used for professional purposes. And both solutions are fully GDPR-compliant.

Securepim Advice and support

We can help you install SecurePIM, allowing you and your employees to use mobile devices for private and professional purposes in complete safety – entirely compliant with the GDPR. You will benefit from our experience with very many successful SecurePIM integration projects and our expertise in Unified Endpoint Management systems means that we can also integrate SecurePIM as part of a UEM system.

Focus on data, not devices

While Unified Endpoint Management is used to manage the entire device, container solutions offer very specific and exclusive control over those data areas that contain corporate information. In other words, the focus is no longer on the device, but on the data it contains, which is a much less complex issue. Containerization allows you to maintain maximum security standards in line with your company’s guidelines.

Simple to manage and use

SecurePIM is flexible enough to be adapted to your own infrastructure and easy to implement. The container can be configured via the SecurePIM Management Portal or via a Unified Endpoint Management system. Managing data, access rights, and users is also simplicity itself. Once users have been set up, they will receive an automated e-mail inviting them to use SecurePIM. When the app has been installed and access data entered, they will have unrestricted access to company data, allowing them to work securely from their mobile devices. Your IT team will have a full overview of all devices and accesses via the portal, enabling them to block access to all company data if required.

SecurePIM benefits

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