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Changes in the technology landscape are the daily business of all IT managers in companies. Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) systems are not exempt from this. With many companies it is no longer about the introduction of the systems. Today the change of systems is on the agenda.

This should take place as smoothly as possible: The impact on the users of the concerned end devices should be as small as possible. Administrators should be able to check the migration status at any time. And the implementation should be as time-saving as possible for all participants.

With the EBF Onboarder, the EBF has developed a solution that meets exactly these expectations for the leanest possible migration process. Hundreds of thousands of mobile devices were already successfully migrated – both iOS and Android devices.

Why may a change be necessary?

Changing from one UEM to another UEM system can have many reasons.

  • Further development of technologies: The UEM systems are constantly evolving – in different speeds and directions and harmonize particularly well with different software. Another system may therefore be better able to meet requirements than the previous one or better interact with other software.
  • Consolidation of systems: Due to company acquisitions or the like, it can happen that several UEM systems are in use in a group and consolidation makes sense.
  • End of Life of UEM systems or products: If UEM systems are no longer supported, it may be necessary to switch to another system.

Change to different UEM providers possible

It is possible to switch to many UEM systems with the EBF Onboarder, all of which are very suitable for managing end devices in the enterprise: MobileIron (Cloud and Core), Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE, BlackBerry On-Premise (V12), MaaS360 and jamf.
In addition to migrating to a completely new system, the EBF Onboarder can also support the transition from an on-premise to a cloud solution.

Many different systems can be considered as source systems for the migration. For example, the EBF Onboarder can be used if a company is currently working with Cisco Meraki, Citrix XenMobile, Good, Sophos, Soti, jamf, MaaS360, BlackBerry® UEM, VMware Workspace ONE (formerly VMware Airwatch), Microsoft Intune or MobileIron.

Migration for Android Enterprise devices

Devices that are managed via Android Enterprise pose a particular challenge during migration. But the EBF Onboarder can also be used here. EBF has developed an additional app that can be automatically pushed into the managed container before the migration starts. It can delete the container and its apps during the migration and ensure that the migration process is successfully completed after a new installation in the unmanaged area. Download the EBF Onboarder Helper App.

Simple migration process

The EBF Onboarder platform offers administrators a clear interface to define the target system, select the devices to be migrated and inform users of the upcoming change. These can trigger the process at a suitable time and are then intuitively guided through the process steps. In just a few minutes, users can complete the migration to the new UEM system and administrators can keep track of the status on the platform at all times. The effort for users and IT is low.

A proven system

Over 800,000 devices have already been successfully migrated in hundreds of projects. These include migration projects with a scope of 500 devices as well as those with a scope of 100,000 devices.

We are continuously working on the optimization and support of further systems. Contact us, and we will provide you with a solution in your migration scenario that really helps you with your system change.

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